Lucy Wirsching
Artist and Creator of Art Sea
At the age of 5, Lucy Wirsching's family moved from Philadelphia, PA to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where her father was an influential part in the engineering of the Pointe De Rio Nitero bridge. Growing up along the famous beaches of Rio, Lucy grew to become a beach lover. Her mom tells stories of how hard it was to get her to agree to leave the beach and head home on many days. Her family traveled throughout South America visiting the coastlines and cities. That experience helped foster the curiosity Lucy had for the ocean and the magical treasurers it held. In her teens, Lucy's family relocated back to the US settling for a short time in coastal Florida. Later another move located them to Virginia. Vacations were spent at the coast from North Carolina to the Carribbean. 

In 2003, Lucy moved to Pasadena, Maryland where she currently resides with her husband, 2 lovable pups named Miko and Sasha and 1 stubborn kitty named Tippers. Her husband built a waterfront home facing the Magothy River and it was on the shores of the Magothy River that Art Sea was formed. It was one beautiful piece of driftwood, lodged in the rift raft, just passed their bulkhead that began the art. She fell in love with the ocean at an early age and it never left her soul.

As of today, Art Sea's driftwood sailboats have found homes in Australia, England, Brazil, Canada, South Africa and throughout the US. Whether its a one of a kind driftwood sailboat, a coastal piece of jewelry or a hand engraved wine glass each piece is hand crafted in her home studio. 

 "Mother Nature has a way of creating its own beauty,
I just find a way to bring a new dimension to it"
 Lucy Wirsching.